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The Black Ice® Micro II levels up the performance of the most compact PC radiator, the Black Ice® Micro. Built around a dual 80mm fan form factor, the Black Ice® Micro II fills in the duty where dual 80mm fan performance and easy installation is a must in performance computer cases.

  • 2-pass 80 mm Radiator specifically developed for PC CPU and GPU watercooling. Double-row high internal volume design.
  • New superior durability custom formulation high-gloss acrylic paint finish.
  • 80 mm (3 inch) Copper core consisting of flat tubes for maximum heat conductivity.
  • High-density copper fin configuration for enhanced heat dissipation.
  • Built-in enhanced depth plenum chamber for increased performance and noise reduction even when using high-speed 80mm fans.
  • Self-tapping 80mm fan and case mounting holes for ease of installation.
  • 9.55 mm OD (3/8 inch) pre-angled inlet/outlet barbed hose connectors.
  • Available in custom female 1/4″ NPT/BSPT/BSPP compatible fittings. (dealer option).
  • Ultra-compact 100 x 82 x 52 mm (4 x 3 x 2 inch) dimensions allows it to fit in any case with an 80mm fan.
82 mm
194 mm
50 mm

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